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In rural areas in Mexico, internet connection is still lagging. Agroindustrial companies need to be located far from cities, where population density doesn’t justify investing in high-speed internet for the area. Agro companies need to invest in physical infrastructure or adapt their solutions to GPRS and 3G connections. We worked with Industria Queretana in the design and development of a web-based production management system that can be used without an internet connection. The application considers product entries, product orders, production orders and calculates cost based on average inventory value. The biggest challenge was developing a solution that minimizes request size and optimizes transfer speed.

The survival rate for extrahospitalary heart attacks in the City of Queretaro Mexico is close to 0%. City Government invested heavily in training and equipment to reverse this. We worked with Asesores en Emergencias in the design and development of a mobile solution, that prevents errors in CPR attention and measures CPR quality. The offline first application for iOs and Android, considers pediatric and adult care. The biggest challenge was designing a way to share cases between different EMT companies without the need of an internet connection.